He invited people to join him on stage
He performed Stand By Me

The newspaper reports that Steve, who calls him The Green Bard, is a 'wizard' who wears robes and uses a magic wand to practice "natural magic".

He also reportedly admits using mind-altering plants such as the shrub, Heavenly Blue - also known as Morning Glory - to get high.

The singer, from Cardiff, said: "I like to grow it and admit that in my past hippie days I tried the seeds for their hallucinogenic properties."

It's also reported that Steve has written several books on Bardic religion and Herbs of the Northern Shaman, in which he identifies various wild plants that can help to improve your sex life, including ones that give a "marijuana-like high" and "intensify your sexual relations".

He didn't impress the judges

And back in the 1970s, Steve believes he was abducted by aliens.

He claims that he spotted a bright orange light from a UFO over Wales before being taken on board and probed by extra-terrestrial beings.

He told the newspaper last night: "I haven't taken any drugs for over a decade and I once said that I might have been abducted by aliens for a Weird Wales programme on HTV."


Steve failed to impress the judges and was sent home after getting four buzzers and being plunged into darkness.

Despite that, Simon Cowell told him: "I like you. It was nice to meet you."

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