Stephen Hawking a suggéré ne pas à communiquer avec une civilisation extraterrestre

Stephen Hawking a suggéré que les étrangers existent mais a mis en garde l'humanité ne pas à communiquer avec une civilisation extraterrestre, car ce serait une catastrophe 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Stephen Hawking: Contacting An Alien Civilization Would Be A Disaster

Professor Stephen Hawking Talking Above Aliens And UFO's Stephen Hawking has suggested that UFO's and aliens do exist but has warned humanity not to contact an alien civilization as this would be a disaster. Professor Stephen Hawking says Aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with extraterrestrial life. “I think [contacting an alien civilization] would be a disaster. The extraterrestrials would probably be far in advance of us. The history of advanced races meeting more primitive people on this planet is not very happy, and the were the same species. I think we should keep our heads low".
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Vendredi 2 janvier 2015
Stephen Hawking : Communiquant avec une civilisation extraterrestre serait une catastrophe
Professeur Stephen Hawking parler au-dessus des extraterrestres et OVNIS
Stephen Hawking a suggéré que l'UFO et étrangers existent mais a mis en garde l'humanité ne pas à communiquer avec une civilisation extraterrestre, car ce serait une catastrophe.
Le professeur Stephen Hawking dit étrangers sont là-bas, mais il pourrait être trop dangereuse pour l'homme d'interagir avec la vie extraterrestre.
"Je pense que [communiquant avec une civilisation extraterrestre] serait un désastre. Les extraterrestres seraient probablement bien avant nous. L'histoire des races évoluées, rencontrer des gens plus primitives sur cette planète n'est pas très heureux et l'ont été de la même espèce. Je pense que nous devrions garder la tête basse".
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Crashing UFO Spotted Ejecting Miniature Spacecraft

UFO Caught On Tape Crashing 2015
A mysterious glowing UFO orb has been filmed breaking away from an unidentified meteorite-like object as it streaked across the sky above California.
The unusual object can be seen moving through the sky leaving a long tail behind that is characteristic of space debris or a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.
But after a few seconds a second round object separates from the main fireball and moves off in the opposite direction.
Date Of Sighting: January 2015
Eyewitness Testimony: 
I was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebody's house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didn't want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I don't know what the hell to make of it. Couldn't have been a plane cause there was no noise. And I never heard a crash after either. The Orb thing flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. Sorry I didn't film that. I didn't know what to focus my attention on.

Unidentified UFO Spotted Hovering Over Liverpool UFO Caught On Tape Hovering Over Liverpool UK This UFO sighting shows three unidentified orbs that were recorded in Liverpool on a cell phone in the UK on April 20, 2010 at 10:40 PM, Tuesday. The orbs were flashing in a pattern formation. In the close up photo below, you can clearly distinguish not one but three glowing orbs, one blue, one green and one orange. The orbs hovered behind a persons house for some time before they disappeared.

UFO Sighting: Strange Boomerang Shaped Craft Spotted

Strange boomerang shaped UFO caught on tape The witness spotted a large glowing red boomerang shaped UFO hovering over his house. "The object was not an aeroplane or helicopter because there were no sounds". Mark Rigg captured this image of an unusual orange glowing craft flying above the town.
Mr Rigg said the light appeared just after 9pm and caused great interest amongst his family who were convinced it was a UFO.
Mr Rigg, of Seadale Terrace, said he didn't believe the object was an aeroplane or helicopter because there were no sounds or flashing lights coming from it.

He said: "The light moved very fast then slowed right down to a standstill, so we went outside to get a clearer look.
"The light stood still then it seemed to fade then became clear again and in a split second it was gone.
"I have seen these bright lights before but this is the first time I have managed to catch it on camera.
"To the eye it appeared to be an orange spherical shape but on the photo it appears to be a triangular shape and when you look closer you can clearly see the triangular shape with an orange aura and a bright yellow light on the bottom left corner."

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Alien Humanoids Seen Climbing Snowy Mountains In Minutes

This videos seems to show Aliens climbing a volcano in record time only taking them minutes where a normal climber would take hours.  A strange alien humanoid can be seen climbing a volcano Alien spotted climbing a volcano in record time In the video they speak of seeing a naked being with no equipment or clothes on the volcano. The humanoids climbs the snowy mountains in minutes, if a normal hiker attempted to climb this it would take them hours. Already this being shows signs of being advanced with speed, agility, and ability to resist cold. In the video they tell us that these beings can be seen with no equipment or even clothes does this tell us that it isn't human, no human could stay out in these conditions with no equipment. It would then make sense that these beings are more superior than a human. The video below give you more information regarding these humanoids.

UFO Sighting At London New Year's Eve Fireworks Display

UFO Sighting at BBC’s New Year Firework DisplayThis unexplained craft flies in an unusual arc from behind the London tourist attraction, and then flies towards the opposite side of the River Thames.The footage was posted on YouTube and got a mixed reaction with the public was it an alien device or could it just be a drone.
Presumed sightings of the strange and unusual are not uncommon at this time of year - but this eerie green light does not appear to be a Chinese lantern.
UFO expert Nigel Watson told Metro: "What strikes me is that whether the UFO is a camera drone or not it catches your attention despite all the fireworks blasting off all around it.One YouTuber commented on the subject saying "It’s not uncommon for UFOs to be curious about our lights and electricity."
A brightly coloured UFO can be seen hovering near a volcano
Glowing UFO seen flying out of a Volcano
A glowing UFO can be seen hovering over a Volcano
A glowing UFO has been spotted hovering over a Volcano
These pictures are very unique in that it was not a human that caught it, but instead a live web cam. An organization in Iceland called Mela, caught it on video and placed it on Youtube for the world to witness. The footage is amazing to say the least. These photos show the UFO returning and flying into volcano. 
Glowing UFOs caught hovering over Mexico
Glowing UFOs Spotted Flying Over Mexico
This huge fleet of glowing UFO orbs was seen hovering over Mexico travelling from the Pacific Ocean.  Location - Mexico Date - 2010 Size - 20 + Crafts Color - Glowing Orange / Yellow / Red
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