NV - Sisters In Spirit by Sally Roesch Wagner   New!

This compelling history of women's struggle for freedom and equality in this country is recounted with documentation of the Iroquois influence on this broad social movement. Iroquois women had always possessed rights beyond the wildest imagination of their European sisters: control of their own bodies, custody of children they bore, the power to initiate divorce, choice in the type of work they did, a place in the spiritual sector of their communities, and the enjoyment of a home life free of violence.

The revolutionary changes unleashed by the Iroquois-feminist relationship continue to shape our lives today. This book is used in many Women's Studies courses at colleges and universities around the country.  

ISBN: 9781570671210  Page Count: 128 Publication Year: 2001 Width: 6.0  Height: 9.0  Format: Softcover  Price: $13.95