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the Stellar depictions from this Great Year video are reversed from the actual situation: the large orbit is actually Sol (our Sun) and should thus be depicted as the small star. the small orbit, and thus larger star, would be Sirius. [the Sirius stellar system is several times more massive than the Sol system, thus gyrating in a much smaller orbit with respect to the Sun's.]

 all motion, all experience, is spiral, helical, 'helicoidal' ... choose the descriptive words you like. that is as everything (light, plasma, atoms, molecules, dust, asteroids, comets, planets, Stars, Galaxies, Superclusters, Matter-Verses) -- as 'every-one' propagates along they also spiral around about themselves and around all the other Star Deities, 'Verses', near them.


thus for the case of all the stars near us, near Amaterasu, the Sun -- in and around the Orion Spur between the Sagittarius and Perseus Arms of the Milky Way galaxy -- for all our local Star groups, and particularly Moving Groups -- like the Local Association, the Canopus Stream, the Ursa Major Stream, the Hyades Stream (other keywords are Sirius-UMa Stream, Hyades-Pleiades Stream, Ursa Major Moving Group, Collinder 285, Castor Moving Group, Hercules Stream, Caster Group, Pleiades Stream, and IC 2391) -- all the (as yet incompletely defined) group streams and their individual stars are participating (in their own individual or group 'way') in the larger 230 km/sec velocity rotation around Amanogawa, the Milky Way galaxy. 


roughly perpendicular, transverse, to this 'linear' motion of the groups and arms about the Milky Way galaxy are their spiral or helix velocities of about 50 km/sec average. the sum of these two transverse velocities describes helical trajectories, like DNA slinkies, worming their light-way around the galaxy.


if you are new to the electrodynamics of the plasma or electric 'Matter-Verse' read the PDF files on the Electron, Proton, Superluminal Physics, New Study in Scarlet, and Nuclear Structure etc. at:


the upshot of all this is, is the obvious, that the Earth and Solar System are in a co-rotating, co-orbiting, circle dance with our nearby Alpha Centauri star system, with the Sirius Trinary Stellar system (only 9 light years distant), the Ursa Major group (Big Bear, Big Dipper stars), the Pleiades, Pollux, Arcturus, Capella, Betelgeuse and so on. 


the task at hand, the work to do, the illustration to 'paint', then is to depict all of our Sun's co-orbital partner deities and their relevant 'harmonics' or songlines (notes, periods, frequencies, wavelengths) for Alpha Centauri, for Barnard's Star (also 4 light years distant), for the Sirius Trinary, for Procyon (11 light years), for Altair (17 lightyears), for Fomalhaut (25 lightyears), for Vega (25 lightyears), for Pollux (34 lightyears), for Denebola (37 lightyears), for Arcturus (37 lightyears), for Capella (42 lightyears) and so on. 


this I have started to do, comparing my estimates for the Solar (Sun's) orbital periods about Alpha Centauri, Altair, Arcturus, Vega, Alcyone (in the Pleiades) ... and of course, Sirius. 


from those numbers the Zodiacal Year of 26,000 years drops-out for Sirius, if we derive an average co-orbital velocity of the Sun around Sirius of about 70 km/sec.


the same inferred/derived velocity gives Alpha Centauri a resonant orbit of about 5000 years (one Great Mayan Sun) -- a resonant period for Altair of about 50,000 years -- a resonant orbit for Vega of about 75,000 years -- and a resonant orbit for Arcturus of about 100,000 years (one Great Platonic Year!).


note however, this is only a first order proof, and by investing a little more time in getting better astronomical velocity figures (and more historical observations), we will be able to joggle these results -- thus for example if we doubled the inferred/derived orbital velocities to about 140 km/sec we would cut their periods in half -- then Altair becomes the Zodiacal Central Tone, of 26,000 Year orbit with the Sun -- and the Sirius orbital period becomes about 12,000 years -- and the Arcturus orbital period becomes about 50,000 years.


Alcyone, said to be the Central Sun of Pleiades Group, is 400 lightyears distant, so in all these calculations has an Solar Orbital periodicy on the order of a million years -- and similarly Betelgeuse, also about 400 lightyears distant.


the 140 km/sec velocity doesn't appear to hold water in light of the long-OBSERVED nearby star velocities however (though factor of two errors in distant astrophysics ARE the norm.) if we therefore half the inferred/derived orbital velocities to about 35 km/sec -- then Altair's becomes the Great Year with an 100,000 Year orbit with the Sun -- and the Sirius orbital period also doubles to about 50,000 years -- the Arcturus orbital period becomes about 200,000 years -- and Alpha Centauri comes in at just 10,000 years, a double-Mayan Sun Cycle.


now, again, we get to illustrate even MORE refinedly ... as we know differing Sun-Orbiting stars will have differing harmonic relationships. that is, the orbital harmonics will not always have a factor of one multiple relationship -- a factor of two would be (equally?) as common. that is, while Altair was orbiting Sol at 35 km/sec, Sirius could just as easily be orbiting Sol at 70 km/sec average, and Alpha Centauri could (likely!) be co-orbiting at maybe 17 km/sec, producing a smaller 1250 year Mayan Sun Cycle, or co-orbiting at 9 km/sec, and producing a 625 precession periodicy (same for Barnard's Star).

you begin to get the (sacred dreamtime songline) picture ... pictures! 


anyone with the ability to do simple multiplication and division, fractions, algebra ... anyone with an understanding of musicianship, of basic electricity, can take the numbers published in the astronomy and astrophysics journals, or off Wikipedia, and sort out the divine harmonic chorus themselves.


all celestial beings are orbital 'dreaming' tracks -- all are 4D, 'Serpent-Time', helical, 'umbilicordal', living creatures -- Dragon deities.


'We' are the Zodiac, the Divination.


And 'We', are 'On' ...


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