compiled by Dee Finney

updated 3-22-2002


Subj: dreams/Manhattan      

Date: 9/22/2001      

From: genenevada@xxx      


Dear DEE:      

I came accross you site and I feel I should tell you that dreams are an      integral part of my life. I would gather to say that I am either cursed or      blessed by having foretelling dreams and the ability to recall them. I wanted      to share this with someone because I feel I am on the edge. I do want to      say that a few nights before the 9/11/01 tragedy, I was looking at some online      maps during the day and in my dream, I saw the Manhattan skyline drawn in      a wire diagram with black lines and a yellow background. This flashed before      my very quickly and I thought it odd or maybe just from spending alot of      time online. Is there any hope for people like us/me?..      



DREAM: 9-20-01 - I was in a very large room with a man who had his      head inside a diving bell in order to breathe air. He had in his hand a very      large balloon with helium in it so he floated in the air.   He attemped      to take his head out of the diving bell with the air in it and float off      through the room, but he started to gasp for air and had to get back into      the diving bell.      

NOTE: This means to me that he was on the physical earth-plane.      

Scene 2: This same man ... now in cartoon form on a black background was      floating on a diagonal with his balloon across the screen that had 10 circles      on it. A light preceded him across the screen as he went from left to      right.      

Scene 3: This same man, in cartoon form on a black background was now      floating on a diagonal with his balloon across the screen that had 10 rows      of 10 circles on it. Each circle was labeled, but I couldn't read them. A      light preceded him up and across the screen on the diagonal as he went, such      that the light didn't reach the 10th circle on the first row until he was      already up into the 10 row ... thus the light was in a curve if you can picture      that.      

In row 9 .. way over to the right ... was the large word COGNITIVE.      

The man eventually reached the 10th circle in the 10th row, with the light      preceding him all the way.      

NOTE: That was the whole dream. I was the observer, not a participant.       We are all participants in this progression, and I am assuming that      this represents the Tree of Life and Kabbala and our spiritual progression,      but since the only Tree of Life we see in current literature has only the        first 10 circles, no one is aware of the other 9 rows of 10 which      we will   progress into.      

To know that the progression is such that we cannot reach the 10th circle      on the Tree of Life until we have progressed into all the other levels of      Wisdom, etc. is a little disturbing, but understandable.      

Now how do I relay that to others????      

Love, Light, and Joy      


From: James Gregory Gavin []      

Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 6:03 PM      


Subject: [hollowearth] predictions      

source: Leslee Dru Browning, of Seattle, WA      

I sent earthquake predictions out to all my clients and friends on the      West Coast about 10 days ago stating I felt an increase in earthquake activity      in the Pacific, especially in the Vancouver Islands where I felt around 9      mini quakes, and sure enough, they did transpire. I stated at that time that      a larger earthquake could strike any where along the West Coast in the next      2-3 weeks. Since we are now nearing that second week period, and I am still      feeling the earth shift, it is time to post this warning here. The earth      just seems to be moving a little more each day. So, for all you folks who      live along the West Coast of the US, I think it is time to get your kits      put together. Again, this is a warning, it may not happen, but it is always      best to be prepared, especially now with talk emerging in the news and from      good friends. Get some water, canned food, can opener, flashlight and blankets,      etc., just in case.

Subj: more of my dreams/visions      

Date: 9/26/2001      

From: mpp1827@xxx      


Dear Dee,      

Hello. I'm going to visit there today and check the dreams out.. I have      to tell you about the dreams I've had..I also have to say that my boy, who      is 9 now, also has dreams of the Virgin Mary and he told me Bush would be      President at least a year before it happened. He had a dream a few nights      ago that Bush was on t.v. and declared war on the Middle East.. he said there      would be bombs and such.. but he could not remember the country. Well here      are some dreams I've had..      

Airplane dream...      

Sun Sep 23 16:20:12 2001      

I dreamed basically that I saw an airplane come down on a park or theme      park.. was on alot of acres of land.. there were many many children there..      I was walking on a highway next to it when it happened.. the park was to      my right.. as I looked over.. I could see where the plane skidded across      and exploded.. I remember many children dying..I also remember the place      was soon blocked off by military.. Maybe this is part of the NY incident      that affected my subconscious      

November 2, 2000: Had a premonition.. saw a silver plane with red and      blue stripes.. American.. international flight.. saw the number seven.. bombing      or ?.. problems with the plane..      

November 2, 2000: Had a dream a few nights ago.. I was in a huge white      room.. I had one eagle on each hand..they were both talking to me.. one was      angry.. then I saw a line of v.i.p. walking in.. at least 30 men.. all      international people, saw Chinese and different cultures.. I saw the Pope      walking with them..rushing through.. the Eagles flew away..the Pope touched      my hands as I walked up to him..he said something to me.. his hands were      warm..he wore white with a black sash around his neck.. then they rushed      him away out the door.. then the eagles flew back to my hands..I dont recall      what the eagles said or what the Pope said..but the feeling I remember is      to trust in God..      

#181: March 2, 1999: I predit that Bin Laden will seek vengeance on the      1st anniversary date of the bombing..this year..near NY city..will attempt      to bomb but I dont beleive many will die..some will but not alot..      

(I was off on the date, I kept seeing a one.. so I assumed it was the      first anniversary date.. when I saw this vision of the bombing, I thought      it would not be equal to war casualties... that's why I said it would not      be many in comparison to..interpretation means alot..)      

Just thought I'd share somemore with you..      

Take Care and God Bless You and you're loved ones..      

Maria xxxxxx      


Sorry , I foregot to send you this one.. I was reading on your website      about the       concentration      camps here in the U.S... I thought it was interesting..and then      I remembered this dream I had awhile back..      

God Bless you..      

Maria xxxx      

#185: March 9, 1999: Another dream I had..was a few nights ago as well..I      was in a concentratiion camp..seemed I was in the "shower" to die with       others..we were not Jewish..we were all Americans..seemed like we were      all Christians ..seemed like the Americans had adopted Hitlers ways..we managed      to escape from the showers and hid on top of a building under a shed covering..we      decided to stay there  til early was raining and cold..then      a soldier spotted us and climbed to the top of this building..he started      to execute everyone..he was an American soldier..we were being executed because      we didnt want to participate in the "ways of the Govt." I dont know what      this means..but when he put the rifle to my head I awoke from this dream...what      I gather from this dream is that  our own country will become our enemy..our      own people will turn against us..not other countries..I beleive this dream      and another dream I had symbolizes revolt of each country within its self..

Subj: Dreams      

Date: 9/25/2001      

From: deejzu@xxx      

My Monday night meditation group was talking about dreams last night.      One of the members shared a dream she had this summer - it was about a large      white airplane with red letters on the side (TWA - she thought) that flew      over the fire station (that is across the street from her house) and looped      around and went north and crashed - there were 250 people killed - people      were running from all over to get to the crash scene - she, her daughter      and granddaugther were standing in the front yard. The dreamer is married      to a Lebanese man so that would make her daughter and granddaughter half      Lebanese. When she awoke from the dream it was 9:30 in the morning. She shared      that dream with us this summer and we talked about it then, however, we couldn't      see any significance to it. In retrospect, there are some similarities to      the September 11 crash. She was asking me if I knew of a website where people      could post their dreams or visions and maybe someone would put them in a      computer bank and come up with similarities and maybe use them as a warning.      I told her if anyone knew of such a site it would be you. So, lol, don't      let me down. She also said to tell you she enjoys all the articles I pass      on to her from you.      

Love, DEE      

See World Trade      Center Dreams and Prophecies

9-25-2001 - MEDITATION - (I was told to write this)      

"Thank you! Good morning! We have come to tell you , to warn you, of things      to come.      

There will be earthquakes, tsumanis, tornadoes! Sympathy will be widespread,      but will not dull the terror of those involved in these incidents.      

We welcome any feedback from those who would read these words, but heed      the warning ... there is more to come.      

Thank you. That is all!"      

The Wizard of      Oz!

Subj: Fwd: Red Elk's Dream........................ Washington      state-----Mt. Ranier....      

Date: 9/27/2001      

From: Wdestiny44      

Forwarded Message:      

Friends and Beloveds,      

If you have loved ones or friends living in the area of Mt. RanierWashington      state----you may want to pass along this prediction----especially since Elk      Season is very close-----and this man seems to have a good statistical "track      record" of "Looking into the future!!"      

Bless your heart.      

Hi Y"all!      

Below from Red Elk I just received. And as I have mentioned before, Philip      and I can attest he did make a prediction that there would be an earthquake      10 days from when we first met him. Olympia's last earthquake was to the      very day and magnitude he predicted. Make of it what you will but that is      pretty good statistics over any USGS or University indicators.      

From Red Elk (wording a bit edited):      

"To the group; this morning I was given a horrific dream. Dreams of this      sort sent to me ALLWAYS COME TRUE. Mt. Rainier blew unexpectably. NO      NOTICE/WARNING. It was between 8:10 - 10:30 on a workday morn.. Was just      before or right at the beginning of elk season (in a week or so from now.)      This will be either this time or a year from now. Dream indications are for      this. First comes the giant shock wave...bowling many walkers over. Then      the ash. During this blow a number of holes are blown open in my area (Kittitas      County) due to compressed air releasing. Also underground. Streams are forced      to the surface. Many will have a hard time breathing as the ash is very thick      here. This will all be when the skies over/around the Mt. are in heavy clouds      (rain type) what was shown was for this area..... God help you if you are      closer. Best to you - ho.      

Note: a year before Mt. St. Helen's blew I was given a vivid vision of      it....aprox time of day etc but not year.. I told many. none accepted. In      the near future (time unknown) she will blow again....this time towards Cougar,      Wa./Portland Org.. as before it will be a beautiful spring like morning in      early 6:00 AM or so. no later then 10:30. ho      

ALSO: a 7.2 Earthquake due to be coming. This will come from the Vancover,      Wa./Portland, Org. area and will travel to (beyond?) Olympia, Wa..again on      a beautiful spring or summer day. Some will claim it as a 7.3....but this      will be untrue. 7.2!      

Best to all. You have been pre warned. Not much you can do about it save      to get masks NOW as well as water/honey on hand. If the Rainier blow holds      true (it will) all can kiss-off Mels' Hole. wont be much left in its innards.      all tunnels too. this is one reason those below Ronald etc. have been hi-balling      it out of there. safer for them in the 4 Corners' area. Expect HUGE earth      changes in the VERY NEAR Future. Ho.      

Red Elk

10-1-01 - DREAM - I was in a city and was with Ruth (she lives in      Georgia). She was showing me the neighborhood where she thought was a good      place to live. It looked like a pretty shabby place to me. Then she pointed      out a particular building and we went inside.      

As soon as we opened the door, it was like being in another city. A sign      said, 'Royalty'. The people were friendly, kids were smiling and happy.      

I was now with my daughter and I wanted to go east. I pulled out a map      to see which way to go.      

I looked at the map and where 49th St. was supposed to be and many streets      east of that in a large, rather circular area were gone. I tried to figure      out where the streets were, but it looked more like a big beach. beyond that,      the streets continued.      

I figured we'd figure it out when we got there. We started out and I was      looking at the street number and I could see by the house numbers we were      going the wrong way. We got to 5683 and I knew we had gone the wrong way      and that we had to turn one street before this one.      

So we back-tracked and stared over and made the turn so we were going      east toward 49th St.      

When we reached the 49th St. area where the streets turned to a beach-like      area, a screen dropped down in front of em that listed the events of Sept.      11, 01 (9/11/01)  I started to read them and got down to flight 93 and      another screen dropped down and duplicated the events a second time.      

by Dee


Date: 10/2/2001 7:16:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time      

From: Aprazr      


"To the angel of the church in Philadelphia, 5 write this: " 'The holy      one, the true, who holds the key of David, who opens and no one shall close,      who closes and no one shall open, says this: 8 " '"I know your works (behold,      I have left an open door 6 before you, which no one can close). You have      limited strength, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.      9 Behold, I will make those of the assembly of Satan who claim to be Jews      and are not, but are lying, behold I will make them come and fall prostrate      at your feet, and they will realize that I love you. 10 Because you have      kept my message of endurance, 7I will keep you safe in the time of trial      that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth.      11 I am coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take      your crown. 12 " '"The victor I will make into a pillar 8in the temple of      my God, and he will never leave it again. On him I will inscribe the name      of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes      down out of heaven from my God, as well as my new name. 13 " '"Whoever has      ears ought to hear what the Spirit says to the churches."' 14 9"To the angel      of the church in Laodicea, 10write this: " 'The Amen, the faithful and true      witness, the source of God's creation, says this: 15 "I know your works;      I know that you are neither cold nor hot. 11 I wish you were either cold      or hot. 16 12 So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will      spit you out of my mouth. 17 13 For you say, 'I am rich and affluent and      have no need of anything,' and yet do not realize that you are wretched,      pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. 18 I advise you to buy from me gold refined      by fire 14so that you may be rich, and white garments to put on so that your      shameful nakedness may not be exposed, and buy ointment to smear on your      eyes so that you may see. 19 Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise. Be      earnest, therefore, and repent. 20 " '"Behold, I stand at the door and knock.      If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, (then) I will enter his house      and dine with him, and he with me. 15 21 I will give the victor the right      to sit with me on my throne, as I myself first won the victory and sit with      my Father on his throne. 22 " '"Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Spirit      says to the churches."'"

Date: October 24, 2001      

From: MCYoung,      

Subject: The Horses....reoccuring dream      

First dreamt this on July,30 2000...and again on July 7,2001...again yesterday      Oct.23,2001....I am standing upon a vast prairie with mountains in the      distance...I see FOUR HORSES(riderless) running toward me with a flaming      prairie fire behind them and I am very astonished. This then SHIFTS and now      I am standing before a large window looking out upon the world and I see      FOUR events "MARKERS IN TIME" I hear a voice say,"representing the very near      future". It was like watching a movie with no sound. Here is what I saw:      
      (1)Bill Clinton in some kind of world leader role(not pres.)...the USA seemed      to be under some other kind of government and Clinton was still a major world      player.

(2)I saw a war being waged in a desert and rolling hills-I believe this      to be somewhere in the middle east; thinking Turkey and surrounding was a BIO-NUCLEAR war.      

(3)I saw ANARCHY and TERRORISM in the U.S.,Canada, and Mexico-Violence      and Biological terrorism- Soldiers in the city streets with tanks and other      military vehicles.      

(4)I saw massive earthquakes worldwide but particularly on the WEST COAST      of U.S. and ALASKA...then in other regions of U.S. and Mexico.      

My mother is laying in a bed next to where I'm watching through this window      and another person (the VOICE) is standing beside me. I ask "Mama do you      see all these things about to happen?" She answers "Yes, I know." Then I      turn to the person beside me and ask "WHEN will these things be?" He/She(cannot      recall if this was man or woman)replied "These four things are already beginning      and will become more apparent over the next four the children      as they will have to endure the terrible times ahead, LOVE THE CHILDREN."      

Then I was suddenly back upon the prairie watching the FOUR RIDERLESS      HORSES running toward me with a prairiefire blazing behind them. A Howling      WIND began to blow and I became VERY FRIGHTENED yelling "THE HORSES!!! THE      HORSES!!!"      

This is where I wake dripping with perspiration...very disturbing dream      and since the recurring ones I've had usually come to pass I decided to post      this...would appreciate comments...I'm relatively new to these boards and      am greatful to have a place to share these "doomsday" dreams that I seem      to be cursed with since friends don't like hearing about them      and tell me I'm "scary"...anyway thanks you all. MCYoung in Texas      


Subj: Dream of what is to come next      

Date: 10/29/2001 10:07:26 PM Pacific Standard Time      




I believe that i have been given a message of what is to come. I saw a      huge ship in the shape of a coffin. It was moving towards Chicago.When i      woke up I made no sense. Then the amazing part happened. a few days later      i was watching a movie about a terrorist called the Jackal with bruce willis.      In the move he sails to Chicago on the great lake Michigan. I hadn't realized      that Chicago's skyline was on the water, much like NY's.  This was too      weird. Now Bin Laden has taken credit for the cole bombing, in which he used      a boat with a bomb on it.   OK so what would stop terrorists from placing      a suitcase nuke on board a boat anywhere along lake michigan and getting      it into Chicago. This dream accompanying the synchronicity of the Movie,      and the fact that I heard Chcago about 30 times on TV just after the sept      11 attacks. It was if our collective concousness was attuned to the next      attack aheads of time.        

Also The Media as of late has been pushing two trains of thought, smallpox      and a suitcase or dirty nuke. As if they know we will get attacked but the      dont know when or where. Now we are given a new warning for this week with      no details.      

May God bless you and keep you safe      

Mark Deloy

Subj: Earthquake California ....      

Date: 10/30/2001 11:23:22 PM Pacific Standard Time      

From: ZIP      

To: Dee777      

Dee .....      

There are several of us in the Chicago area who have had dreams and visions      of a catastrophe in CA. One person heard at the end of the dream someone      whispering 11 2. Signs have been put together and I am fearful now of something      happening soon, and possibly by this coming Friday 11/2. Wondering if you      have been getting anything right now, or anyone else you know. If you are      interested in hearing the details, please email me. I have already emailed      Art Bell, and simply asked him to recommend his audience either pray or hold      CA in the light. He did not say anything in the first hour of his show tonight,      so expect he is not going to mention it. I have also contacted study groups      for them to pray for CA.      

Let me know if you have any information.      




On Monday, October 15, 2001, I was teaching a Spiritual Remote Viewing      class at the New Yorker Hotel, in New York City. As part of the class, the      students are required to describe a series of "blind" targets that are placed      in sealed envelopes, of which I, as monitor/teacher am the only one with      any foreknowledge of what is in the envelopes.      

The class very successfully hit the first two targets and they described      the following:      


- A sandy beach on a sunny day      

- A ramp leading to a house like structure on stilts      

- A stone gray wall      

- Buildings in the back ground      

- A pair of large smoke stacks in the distance      

- One woman even blurted out "I see a white, fluffy cat standing on a      house above the beach"      

There were many others in the class that also got the image of a white      cat on a beach, with a stone wall and houses in the background. The general      emotional feeling was one of peace, relaxation, the sound of the ocean and      a happy mental state. The following is the target they described:      


The class very clearly felt the ground beneath them swaying and got the      impression that they were on a ship. They also saw and described what they      said were mountains that were covered in snow or ice. They drew pictures      of specifically a boat with a series of smoke stacks, they saw that boat      splitting in half and many reported a feeling of panic and drowning, hopelessness      and fear. A number of people reported what they thought were fireworks or      flares, which were being fired to call for help.      

The drawings that many in the class made were amazingly accurate. The      accuracy of the class on these two targets took me by surprise. This target      was a painting of the Titanic.      

Since the class managed to successfully view the first two targets without      any hints, suggestions or front loading of any time, I decided to "throw      them a curve" and try something more complicated and complex.      


The class very clearly felt concrete under their feet and felt that they      were in a very large group or gathering of people, and were witnessing what      they felt to be a sporting event. They saw a baseball stadium and two women      very specifically got Yankee Stadium. There were a number of people who saw      people in the crowd dressed in unusual costumes or outfits and there was      a feeling of happiness and good cheer...which very quickly turned to terror.      Also something that I found unexplainable was visions of a coiled snake in      the stadium. In fact, the vision of a snake or snakes came to a number of      people.      

An airplane or helicopter was very specifically described above the stadium      and a number of people saw a red object, which was described as either a      rocket, a missile, a bomb or something firing...either coming from the sky,      or exploding in or over the crowd. They saw what appeared to be a gas or      haze and then experienced a feeling of being crushed by a mass of people      as if they were fleeing through a tunnel trying to escape the structure.      

After they had given their initial reports, I tried to press them for      a time but all they could see was a full moon and people dressed in unusual      costumes.      

The target question: Describe the next major terrorist attack on New York      City. Attempt to give details and time.      


On the afternoon of October 15, 2001, the New York Yankees were tied 2-2      in a 5 game series with the Oakland A's. The Yankees had come back from an      0-2 deficit to beat the A's later that evening, moving on to meet the Seattle      Mariners. Although the Yankees were underdogs, and the Seattle Mariners were      the considerable favorites to advance to the World Series, with a regular      season record of 116 wins (tying that of the Chicago Cubs set in 1903), the      New York Yankees nearly swept the Mariners 4-1 to advance to the World      Series...EXACTLY as the class had predicted.      

The Arizona Diamondbacks then beat the Atlanta Braves to become the youngest      expansion franchise in history, to advance to the fall classic and the SRV      vision of my talented class began to become very clear. I know understood      their vision of seeing a coiled snake or snakes in Yankee stadium. This clearly      to me represented the Arizona Diamondbacks playing the Yankees in the World      Series. Had we placed bets in Las Vegas that day, one certainly could have      won a great deal of money by predicting the outcome of the semi-finals and      foreseeing the two teams that would play each other.      

However, the most horrific aspect of this vision, is that now we have      a prediction of which two teams are playing in the world series, where the      teams would play, when the teams would play and a very clear vision of a      terrorist disruption of the games. As it turns out, the first two games of      the series will be played October 27 and 28 in Arizona. Game 3 will be played      under a full moon, on Halloween, in Yankee Stadium.      

I have tried to get this information and warning out to major TV and radio      outlets...who have refused to let me on the air to talk about this rather      dire prediction. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Hopefully enough security      measures have been taken to prevent such a tragedy and this may simply be      another example of how difficult the various influences affecting the time      stream are to predict. However, if it does happen, I wanted a public record      of this made to show that the class I taught in New York City had made this      very specific prediction.      

May all our thoughts, prayers and wishes continue to be with those in      need. Selah.      

Sean David Morton      


Subj: Fwd: My Dream......       Date: 11/1/2001       From: Z      

To: Dee777      


Here is the information about our experiences here around Chicago. Two      of us had dreams and one had a vision. We all have a background in psychic      work. He is a geologist and a very smart man. If you are interested I will      send you the part of his email to me where he explains about the smell of      sulfur before an earthquake, unless you already know about that. I was trying      to find that information and simply forgot all about him, who I knew could      answer it in a minute, which he did.      

J       -----------------       Forwarded Message:       Subj: My Dream......       Date: 11/1/2001       From: Z
      Hi .....

Early morning on 10/27/01 I had a dream about a catastrophe happening      in California. As best I remember it seemed like LA. I assumed it was an      eq. I went there to see the devastation and just remember a man saying "It's      just gone." I guess I then pictured it just breaking off and falling into      the ocean (or at least part of it). When I woke up it disturbed me greatly      and could not go back to sleep. I got up for several hours and then went      back to bed. However, I did not think this was a prophetic dream, or at least      I hoped it was not. So, I got over being upset and forgot about it. That      night, or early morning (probably about 3 AM) I was sitting at the kitchen      table and reading from various books. I then began to read a portion of the      Revelation in the Bible and when I came to Revelation 9:1, I read "and yellow      as sulfur." This triggered a memory of my friend A's dream which she had      on 10/25/01 and shared with me. However, neither of us could make anything      out of the dream at the time.      

A dreamed that she heard something like a cracking noise (heard one crack),      then she saw something and it was covered in yellow, like pottery. She then      sensed, not saw, that it was people that were covered in the yellow. At the      end of the dream she heard someone whisper "11 2." When she woke up it came      to her that 11/2 was the Day of the Dead in the Catholic Church. She then      felt like something horrible was going to happen.      

So, what linked our two dreams together for me was the "yellow" which      she had seen and "sulfur," which I remember reading an article years ago      about someone who had a vision of an earthquake in LA He experienced it in      a way that he was actually there himself. But the thing that I remembered      was that he said before the earthquake struck, there was a strong smell of      sulfur.      

Then on 10/28/01 my husband pointed out to me that streaming along the      bottom of CNN in their news updates it said "3.7 eq rattles LA" (that has      since been upgraded to a 4.0 eq). I called A that evening and told her the      whole story and she just gasped. She said that day she and her boyfriend      were carving pumpkins, when he suddenly said "look at California, here's      the bottom of CA (Baja), and here's the top of CA). She said she looked at      what he was carving and saw no image of CA in the pumpkin.      

That night I emailed my friend, S, who is a spiritual teacher in this      area and asked her if she had picked anything up. I received her email the      next morning (Monday) and she said "About 3 weeks ago I was shown in a vision      not a dream ....CA. I felt at the time something horrible was going to happen      in that state. Do not have details not do I want them."      

A then told R the whole story and asked him about the pumpkin. He simply      said that he saw it while he was carving it and that he also did not want      to know what was going to happen.      

What then came to me was that with knowledge comes responsibility. So,      although I do not believe that this will happen on 11/2/01 (Friday), I still      felt I needed to do whatever I could to get people to pray for CA. This I      did going through various channels. It would not have disturbed me so much      if Alicia had not gotten that "11 2." That opened the possibility that an      earthquake could be imminent in California.      

Then last night I was researching on the web and listening to the Art      Bell show which is on in this area from midnight to 4 AM. He had a guest      on I wanted to hear. Then he announced the 5.1 in southern CA. He then announced      another one (a 4.8) a minute apart. I checked the current earthquake sight      and both were there, but today I could not find the 4.8. However, I counted      all the aftershocks in the Anza area (the 5.1) today and there were approximately      200. You said it was normal to have 100 aftershocks. Is 200 still reasonable      in a 24 hour period after a 5.1?      

There were some other signs also, but I have given you the main reasons      for my concern.      

So, geologist friend, that is why I wrote to ask you whether sulfur could      be a predictor of an earthquake. I could find nothing in my research that      would indicate that it could, and then all of a sudden I thought of you (duh!)      and thus asked.......... ask and you shall receive........ and I certainly      did. So, again, thank you for the valuable information and I'll just keep      praying for California, knowing full well that our prayers may not be able      to stop one, but that they certainly can reach the consciousness of the people      who are meant to not be there when it does happen, and in that way save many      precious lives. Many of us have believed for a long time that our prayers,      in group, in harmony with each other, have put off the inevitable. However,      I feel and sense very strongly the fear people have right now. I feel it      building, thus breaking down the protection the prayers had previous to      9/11.      

As far as my dream went, it was not something I had not already thought      about several times since 9/11, and I know we can dream about what is bothering      us. But I also believe in predictive dreams. I have had them myself. A few      years back (I believe 1995) I dreamed of an earthquake, of which I experienced      fully myself in the dream, but got to safety after maneuvering some very      shaky ground. The difference that day was that I woke up the news of a big      (I think about an 8.0) somewhere out of the U.S. (don't remember where).      It could have been a predictive dream that time, but I also felt it was showing      me what was coming up in my life, as I was also having dreams about being      attached, bombed out, etc., and that part was predictive. I have also had      predictive dreams about people, and they have come true.      


Subj: Update from Turtle Woman      

Date: 11/1/2001      



Turtle Woman Auto Writings:      

Saturday, 1:20 AM      

October 27, 2001      

This is the time you have all been moving towards. Things will happen      very quickly from now on.      

Arrests and home invasions starting the middle of November. Storming of      homes will start off small and gain momentum. Stick to the circle of twelve.      Choose carefully. Be wise. Some of you will be arrested. You are safe and      will be released soon. Start selling what you do not need. Clean house and      go towards the interior mountains. Nothing steep but broad and great. If      you've had a prompting, give in to it now. If you move, get a PO Box . Get      your phone unlisted.      

Mother is coming 'round the bend. Terrorists about to strike again. You      must understand your time has come and all prophecies will come true. The      Light was only meant for the few. Your wish for more was noble. It sets up      the paradigm for the others in the future of this 3D realm. Your love has      brought others along. Have you not understood? It was not your decision to      be made for others. All have made their choices within their hearts. Free      Will. You have planted the seeds for times future for the others. Your time      is almost done. You will be free for your grand reward. A Creation made      especially for the Light workers. Made to order. Clean and free.      

God's Eden of Joy for you. Do not mourn here what was meant to be. You      will finish your work and be granted Grace for the binds that have tied you      here.      

Release your selves to the Highest Good. The Hunt is sending a pack of      wolves. The Violet Ray is your hiding device to keep you cloaked in God's      Golden Light. You must use it now every day.      

When you awaken in the morning. When you retire at night. Use the Gold,      then the Purple of God's wondrous Light.      

Keep your fears at bay. They open the door to the dark side. No matter      what the circumstance,      

KNOW you are protected.      

China is coming. The agreement is made. There is no work that will change      this. Only degrees of difference. This is not where your energy needs to      be. Light the Mother. Light yourselves. Light your relations. Light the Mother      and All Her Relations. There is no more to do here until after your return.      

You MUST get yourself ready. This is an imperative. Leave all the rest      of it alone! You must be ready! You must work only on you for now. You have      all the knowledge you need. You must apply every thing you have learned over      all these years. You must look to yourselves now. The answer is no longer      outside. It never was. You do not need to be spoon fed the answers from      others.      

You are the answers. Use what you know. Trust yourself. Prepare for yourself      now. There is nothing else. Help is only from above and within.      

Many of sorrow. Just lift your hearts. What was, is passing to be no more.      The orphans of Light will find their families waiting.. Many line up with      open arms. Find the joy. You're going home. You're safe. You're loved. You      have more than you know. Beautiful Beings. You have given your all. Your      power is real. There is nothing else to be done. Only your personal meditations      and Lighting.      

Bombs going off in urban areas. Football game is in danger. North team.      Baseball is going to have major unpleasant event. Many will be injured and      die. Money is going to fall to rock bottom. Stock will plummet as bombs go      off. Many will die.      

You must not concern yourself with all this. Keep yourself on an even      keel. You may not be the last ones to return. You will be the first ones      off. Heaven is prepared to send many ships for your rescue. There will be      your off lift first, then a mass evacuation. You will have many days to gather      those who are still here. You will awaken many then. Some of you have a little      more time to prepare than others. January is still the lift off date for      most. You have study to do while you are gone. You will come back only for      a short while to remove your assignments from this plane. Then the other      heavenly body will come and wreck havoc upon the earth.      

Most who chose not to respond to God's awakening will die during this      time. It is their choice to refuse God. You have gone a separate road by      choice of the Light. Some day you will be yourself again. So hang your star      upon a shinning moment. It is yours.      

Many await the final word. Curtain is about to open and reveal the  true      nature of each soul. it will be a time of aloneness and great sorrow for      many. Some will know they can come to the Light then.      

Going to hear things. Talking to you from the higher level. Your Angels      are quiet if you are going the wrong way. Turn 90 degrees. Your need to realign      yourself.      

Monday, 2:24 AM      

October 29, 2001      

So much sadness. The dark is now closing in. Do not fear. It will be cleared      away. So much on the door step. Must be cleared in a positive way. Light      workers so tired of working. Many isolated and feel burden. Help is on the      way. Call those above in. Pressure of Earth so very great. All about to crack      and break.      

Bombs will cease much activities. Austin is at top of list. Grief will      be  healing. Volcanoes roar. New volcanoes will form in Oregon. Many      children will perish. Stand firm with the few. Many souls preparing to leave      within a short time. Volcano is rumbling now. Not too many paying attention.      All of the Northwest in great danger. The planned escape routes will not      be sufficient. Go for a quick vacation now. Must move with the knowledge      that time is up. Everywhere. There is no more time.      

Wednesday, 1:45 PM      

October 31, 2001      

See the dark void? You must penetrate it with the Light. You must meditate      regularly. No one can do it for you. Stop contact with unclean ones. They      lower your vibration.      

Tonight there will be fun. You are safe. There will be no events on this      date. Tomorrow is other. Go and do the things you must do. Too much bad news      leaves you unbalanced.      

You do not need to notify others of anything. It is all done. Writings      now are only for Turtle Woman. The send outs were for us to get together.      You have found your team. That was the purpose. Keep only those that correspond.      They are the ones you will ascend with. Move on in the Light. See to your      own salvation. You can only help yourself now. Do not worry about the rest.      You must only do your own now. You must raise your vibration.      

This week will have a very dark mark on it. You will have another reeling      episode from the Evil Ones. They are in place to strike within a few days.      It will bring great sorrow to many. Death will be high. You can not change      this with the Light.      

Do not work on anything but keeping yourself and your family safe in the      Light. Your family is only those who have made the Light choice in their      heart. The division has been made through personal choice. The personal choice      will awaken in those who made it. People can not force others to change what      is in their hearts. The choices are firm within each individual now. Do not      be mislead by others on this. It is not in your hands but each individuals.      The road has forked. One on the Hand of God. One on the hand of his opposite.      The roads are one way. Everyone is already driving down their road. Do not      waste anymore effort on trying to change others choices. Work on yourself      and your real family. All is as it should be. You are the droplet, not the      Ocean. Understand. The others have made their free will choice. You can not      change their chosen destiny. It is not your right or your duty.      

You help the Mother. You help your family. Their vibration must come up      immediately. Use the Sound. So many know but are not DOING it! Use the Sound!      Golden Light and Sound. Do not worry about the events that now unfold. You      have a trip to take and must be ready for it. Anything else that tries to      tell you is important, is not. Period. Prepare your vibration to make your      trip or you will be left behind. It can be no more or no less. You can either      divert your energies or concentrate them where they need to be. The choice      is yours. It is a once in Creation choice.      

All My Relations in Love and God's Golden Light,      

Turtle Woman, Oma      

Personal Note:      

These are the last Turtle Woman writings that will be sent out. Please      forward as you see fit, and delete all email address. I would like to add      one personal note of something which happened this week. I find it to be      absolute confirmation of the protection which we have been assured and of      God's Golden Light. I have a fairly new natural gas wall unit in the garage      for my pets to keep warm in the winter time. The other night for some reason,      I simply could not get it to light. I thought I had turned it off. Around      one in the afternoon the next day, I suddenly had a warning thought (prompting)      to check that heater, so I went out to look at the setting to make sure it      was shut off all the way. When I opened the door into the garage, I did not      smell any gas, but when I looked at the setting, the gas value was turned      on all the way on high.      

I stood there almost frozen as I realized that the gas value had been      turned on high without being lit for over 18 hours, pouring gas into the      garage. I immediately shut it off, thanking God that we had not all been      blow to kingdom come. It dawned on me immediately that by all rights, this      house and half of my neighborhood should have gone up in a horrific explosion      hours prior.      

This is a firm confirmation to me that we are all truly and miraculously      protected by God's Golden Light, our prayers, our Guardian Angels, and all      the workers of the Golden Light. Know. Blessings to you one and all. May      peace reign in your hearts and may we all come together as the family that      we are in Love and Golden Light soon. I am honored by all of you. It has      been my humble pleasure to do this work.


From: Jody,      

Subject: Suitcase Nukes Dream      

On October 29th I had a dream about suitcase nukes. I saw 2 young Middle      Eastern men between two parked cars on a residential street reading a map      they had laid on the ground and they were studying it.      

I was watching them and had a clear view of them when they suddenly turned      and looked at me, although I knew they really couldn't see me because I was      dreaming, they were very aware they were being watched by someone and it      made me nervous for my own safety.      

The scene changed to a map of Seattle WA. as I was seeing Seattle from      a vantage point in British Columbia, Canada. I saw a series of small explosions      in cities on both sides of the Puget Sound.      

Where these cities were located on the map an explosion would happen..I      was almost thinking these were earthquakes but they were explosions instead      and how big they were I don't know. They occurred from Federal Way northward      and from side to side from East to West of the Puget Sound working their      way toward Canada. This dream went on for hours and was very detailed but      since I didn't write it down this is what I remembered about it.      

I've never dreamt of terrorism before so this was very strange for me      and it left me feeling very unsettled for most of the day.      

I had Sharron from G.B. as my guest for a week and we were busy every      day trying to sightsee and do it all before she returned to England tonight      so I'm just now posting this dream on the board.      

Blessings, Jody

Subj: Psychic Prophecy      

Date: 11/5/2001      

Syzygy Dreams      

Date: November 04, 2001 at 23:53:06      

From: Regular viewer,      

Subject: Psychic Prophecy      

I have a chilling prophecy about this "hit" from a friend who psychically      saw it after it had happened. He was trying valiantly to get this information      to those in charge. I did my bit in circulating this to a man who is the      world's foremost remote viewer, and who worked for the Secret Service for      17 years. I asked him to remote view it and if it was at all possible, felt      he would know whom to contact. I didn't circulate it widely, because I       didn't want to cause a panic. I hoped my friend would forward it to      the right places, be believed and something would be done.      

Another friend, who was a private pilot for 20 years said that if these      planes were to fly at 50 feet, they would be impossible to track.      

The follow-up from the friend who saw it happen (he has a network of people      that have information on how to survive) was that if we continue bombing      through their holy time of Ramedan, then this will happen on Christmas 'Eve      which is our "Holy" day.      



A group of twelve or more Osama bin Laden terrorists - each man willing      to sacrifice his life for a cause - are about to execute a plan that will      instantly affect the lives of millions of north American people in ways that      are almost beyond belief and comprehension.      

Using a comprehensive map that is readily available from the Hydro-Electric      Company [Scale 1:1,000,000 with Key detailed areas Scaled at 1: 250,000 that      shows ALL of the HYDRO-ELECTRIC and NUCLEAR-ELECTRIC POWER FACILITIES and      MUNICIPAL SYSTEMS SERVED] they are able to pinpoint exactly where all of      the HYDRO, THERMAL and NUCLEAR ELECTRIC GENERATORS are located in the Province      of Ontario, along with the precise location of each and every TRANSFORMER      and DISTRIBUTING STATION along the entire grid. In addition, it gives any      would-be terrorist detailed information on each village, town and city       ranging from less than 2,000 inhabitants right up to the major cities      in the province: Greater Toronto, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor,      Sarnia in the south up to Sudbury and, of course, the nation's capital, Ottawa      further north. Further, the map gives any would-be terrorist the precise      layout of the entire ONTARIO HYDRO-NUCLEAR -ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION GRID SYSTEM      adding in precise detail destinations to which the power is being      transmitted.      

In addition to the HYDRO-GRID, the Terrorists have up-to-date AERONAUTICAL      CHARTS that list all of the major, secondary and privately owned  AIRFIELDS      that lie within close proximity of the POWER-GRIDS along with details of      the hundreds of SMALL LAKES that, in temperate weather, would be suitable      for take off and landing by AMPHIBIOUS or FLOAT-EQUIPPED AIRCRAFT, or in      winter when the surfaces are covered with ice, could be used by SKI-EQUIPPED      AIRCRAFT.      

Of the twelve or more Terrorists, at least six would be fully experienced      PILOTS rated to fly both single and twin engine aircraft as well as the larger      amphibious or float-equipped planes. Others in the group are licensed TRUCK      - TRANSPORT DRIVERS capable of handling large RIGS. All of the Terrorists      will have bona fide backgrounds as upright citizens and will be familiar      figures in areas they will use as launching sites for sufficient periods      of time to have blended into the various VACATION-TYPE communities in the      Province they have chosen as their bases. They may own their own aircraft,      or lease them from any of the small Flying Clubs around the Province where      they may be regular weekend-flyers 'building up hours' and totally accepted      by their fellow club members. For the most part, anything they do will seem      to be 'routine'.      

ZERO HOUR:      

The Terrorists aim will be to employ both small, private, SINGLE and      TWIN-ENGINE AIRCRAFT in a meticulously planned and coordinated attack on      the ONTARIO HYDRO and NUCLEAR GENERATING STATIONS as well as the POWER GRID      SYSTEM that distributes the electrical energy not only throughout the Province      of Ontario, but also links up to HYDRO-ONE in the United States where power      is distributed as far away as Florida. Each aircraft will be filled with      enough explosives to knock out a specific target in a suicide attack. The      TWIN ENGINE AIRCRAFT will target the actual GENERATOR CENTERS while, at precisely      the same time, the smaller SINGLE ENGINE AIRCRAFT will aim specifically for      the TRANSFORMERS or SWITCHING STATIONS that are an integral part of the HYDRO      POWER GRID SYSTEM.      

In addition to the aircraft, the Terrorists will be using large TRANSPORTER      TRUCKS loaded with high explosives. These will be used to deliver their lethal      loads to within close proximity to KEY PYLONS so that at ZERO HOUR - as the      AIRCRAFT HIT THE GENERATORS, TRANSFORMERS AND SWITCHING STATIONS - they will      be detonated to further the destruction of key sections along each GRID.      

By co-ordinating the individual strikes to occur at night - and at      approximately the same moment in time - the ultimate goal of the terrorists      will be to create AN INSTANT BLACKOUT right across Ontario and into the HYDRO-ONE      system in the adjacent United States. By so doing, they will be able to create      the maximum amount of confusion and panic throughout the range of the GRID.      

A well-timed power BLACKOUT in mid-winter during rush hour traffic - would      instantly affect the infrastructure of a nation: Almost the whole population      would be instantly affected as the power stops flowing into homes, office      buildings, hospitals, factories where computer-controlled equipment and machinery      are operating. Street lights, streetcars, trains, traffic lights, TV screens,      radio sets, office and apartment building elevators, home computers, electric      stoves, appliances, etc., stop functioning along with all other machinery      or other facilities that are hooked up to the CENTRAL GRID.      

The turmoil and panic that will ensue among the populace will be multiplied      exponentially as [with the rare exception of facilities using their own      power-generating sources] ALL areas serviced by the HYDRO-GRID SYSTEM will      be almost totally shut down. It will be only when the people learn [from      news broadcast over the car or other battery-operated radio] of the extent      of the damage and discover they will be bereft of electric power for an almost      indefinite period. It is then that they will realize they will be without      light, heat and other key everyday utilities for a very long time.

From: tbauer1@xxx      


To: DEE777@AOL.COM      

Hi Mom. How are things. Everything is cool here.      

Just thought I would let you know about a weird dream I had last night.      I was in a stadium of sorts. no seats that I noticed, kind of bowl shaped.      Hearing some noise, I looked up and saw U.S. fighter jets fly over real low.      There was probably about 20 of them. They passed over quickly at a high speed.      Right after they passed, about 10 ultralight aircraft of different types      looped around and swooped in, dropping a bunch of bombs down on the people.      There were people screaming everywhere and bodies littered the place. I walked      across the place and counted about 5 heads that were no longer attached to      their bodies. I then went down in the lower storage rooms and hallways looking      for Nathan because I knew he was here and I was worried about him. I saw      him ahead of me a couple times but did not catch up to him. I knew he was      O.k. so I no longer was worried.      

Back a few weeks ago I had a dream that I was in afghanistan. I entered      some caves and saw civillians hiding out in them. They were families with      little children. I was now standing at a distance and saw U.S. planes bombing      the mountains. Clouds of dust went up and then I saw these families laying      dead.      

Back a few years ago I had a dream regarding the beginning of world war      3. I don't remember a lot of details but the dreams reoccurred a few times.      In the dreams I saw fighter jets and passenger jets flying over and crashing      into buildings and the ground. This dream I shockingly remembered as I watched      the bombing of the world trade center. I wish I had wrote down the details      then. I also don't remember If I told you about them.      

From here on I think I better pay close attention to my dreams. Many of      them have come true over the years.      

Lots of love, Tom



Plane Crashes in Queens, N.Y.      

Area Airports Shut Down      


.c The Associated Press      

NEW YORK (Nov. 12) - An American Airlines jetliner on its way to the Dominican      Republic crashed moments after takeoff Monday in a residential neighborhood      five miles from Kennedy Airport, authorities said. There was no immediate      word on deaths or injuries.      

The city was put on high alert, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said. Fighter jets      were seen flying over the area.      

Bill Schumann of the Federal Aviation Administration said there was no      immediate indication of what caused the crash, which came two months after      two hijacked airliners brought down the World Trade Center.      

All metropolitan area airports - Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark, N.J. -      were closed after the crash, which took place in the Rockaway section of      Queens. All bridges and tunnels into the city were closed except to emergency      vehicles.      

Flight 587, an Airbus A300 that can hold 275 people, went down shortly      after 9 a.m in the waterfront neighborhood 15 miles from Manhattan, setting      buildings on fire. A plume of thick, black smoke could be seen miles away.      There was no immediate word on the number of people aboard the plane.      

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said intelligence      agencies, the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration were reviewing      all recent intelligence for any signs that terrorism was involved, but an      hour after the crash there was no evidence pointing to an attack.      

''They are comparing information to see if it provides any insight into      what transpired. At this point, there's no indication of a terrorist attack,      but it certainly can't be ruled out in the current environment,'' the official      said.      

Giuliani canceled his morning events and headed to the scene.      

''Now we should focus all ourt efforts on finding survivors,'' the mayor      said. Asked what he thought when he heard about the crash, he said: ''Oh      my God, Oh my God, and I just passed a church where I attended 10      funerals.''      

Triage centers were set up a high school and an elementary school, both      of which were closed for the Veterans Day holiday.      

Planes were being diverted to other airports, and Delta Air Lines spokeswoman      Peggy Estes said the airline was working to account for all its planes.      

The plane had been scheduled to leave at 8 a.m. and arrive in Santo Domingo      at 12:48 p.m.      

One witness reported debris falling from sky and told the Fox News Channel      four homes were on fire.      

''All of the sudden, I see an engine fall off, and it went to the side,      and in 10, 15 seconds it went down,'' witness Kevin O'Rourke told WABC-TV.      ''An engine fell off.''      

Witness Phyllis Paul heard the engine. ''It was very, very loud. Because      of what happened Sept. 11, it gave me a chill,'' she told CNN. ''It was getting      louder and louder and I looked out the window. I saw a piece of metal falling      from the sky.''      

The World Trade Center was destroyed by two Boeing 767s hijacked out of      Boston's Logan Airport. One of the planes was operated by American, the other      by United.      

Airbus said American Airlines has a fleet of 35 A300s.      

AP-NY-11-12-01 1034EST      

Copyright 2001 The Associated Press.
      Syzygy Dreams       [ Syzygy Dreams ]       Date: November 14, 2001 at 22:29:43       From: Daniel Perez,       Subject: Suitcase Nuke Premonition
      On November 13th, 2001 at 11:22 AM I woke up from a dream that really compelled      me to write about it. It seems to be another premonition dream. I wasn't      freaked out this time as I was with the World Trade Center dream because      what I'm about to post here may play a role in preventing my premonition      from becoming reality.
      In the dream, I was recording news footage on TV after an attack on the White      House occurred. The news showed footage of a struggle between somebody and      several people in suits and uniforms, very likely the Secret Service and      D.C. Police. From the way the struggle played out, it looked like a suicide      terrorist walked up to the front gate of the White House grounds with a suitcase      nuke and set it off. The suicide bomber glowed in my dream as if to signify      "radiation" or being vaporized as the bomb goes off. There were also images      of NBC's Meet The Press host Tim Russert walking through rubble to his car      and one of the wings of the White House lying on it's side, smoking. I was      also talking to someone in my dream but I don't know who. During the conversation      I learn that President Bush doesn't make it out of the White House in time      to escape the attack and Dick Cheney is sworn-in as the 44th President of      The United States.
      On the surface, the dream was telling me this attack will be an obvious attempt      to decapitate the United States Government. As I dug deeper I also learned      that this attack will be carried out by Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network      for very symbolic reasons.

      As pointed out by Richard Hoagland on, Osama Bin Laden      is using an ancient Egyptian ritual of timing events during celestial alignments      for his own negative purposes as you will see on the following link;
      This pattern of alignments have also been used for positive purposes by the      Freemasons/Templars during such events as landing on the Moon or the creation      of the resurrected Atlantis, The United States Of America. The Masonic/Templar      faction is a descendant of ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mystery schools      who are descendants of the Atlantean faction called the Law Of One.
      Unfortunately the ancient Atlantean faction know as the Sons of Belial, who      work to destroy anything good, have also existed throughout history as various      secret societies ranging from the Illuminati, to the occult wing of the Nazi      Party to the revived Ismaili Assassins who are an ancient secret society      which uses Islam as a cover to carry out it's dirty deeds. One of the most      well-known and current members of the Assassins/Sons of Belial faction is      Osama Bin Laden.
      You can see examples of both positive and negative uses of these celestial      alignments by the Law of One/Templars/Freemasons and the Sons of      Belial/Nazi/Assassins factions on the following page;
      Table Of Coincidence
      The frequent recurrence of "19.5" and "33" degrees(and variations like 3.33      Degrees) in these alignments are symbolic of Hyperdimensional Physics where      energy from higher dimensions is transferred into our universe to affect      the state of 3-D reality itself. To see a full explanation of Hyperdimensional      Physics, go here;
      By using the celestial alignments that took place over Jackson, Michigan      during my New York Dream and the deliberate crash of Flight 11 into the North      Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th as a model, I might be      able to predict when this attack on the White House will occur. Here's the      alignments that occurred on July 29th, 2001 and September 11th, 2001;
: Daniel Perez has dream about World Trade Center       Location: Jackson, Michigan       Date: 7/29/2001       Time: 2:33 AM EDT       Alignment: Comet Encke(Osiris) at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes above the       Southeast Horizon at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees.
      Event: World Trade Center Attacked       Location: Jackson, Michigan       Date: 9/11/2001       Time: 8:45 AM EDT       Alignment: Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus]) at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes above       the Eastern Horizon
      When I had the New York Dream, Comet Encke was located at 33 Degrees and      33 Minutes above the Southeast Horizon at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees. When      the World Trade Center attack occurred, Regulus, the main star in Constellation      Leo was at 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes above the Eastern Horizon at an Azimuth      of 106 Degrees. The first question we have to ask here is; what are symbolic      connections between both of these alignments?
      1. Both alignments take place at 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes above the Horizon.      In Scottish Rite Masonry, 33 Degrees is the highest degree attainable. 33      Degrees and 33 Minutes is also symbolic of the number " .3333". The Inverse      Sine of ".3333" in Trigonometry is 19.47 Degrees, the hyperdimensional latitude      that's created when a spinning tetrahedron is placed inside of a sphere with      one of the apexes at the North or South poles.
      2. Comet Encke rhymes with "Enki", the name of the ancient Sumerian god      responsible for the creation of the human race in Sumerian Mythology. According      to the research of Zecharia Sitchin, Enki is the great-grandfather of Osiris.      Therefore, Comet Encke symbolically correlates with Enki who symbolically      correlates with Osiris. The son of Osiris is Horus. Horus is symbolized in      Ancient Egypt by the Constellation Leo and the star Regulus. Therefore, Comet      Encke symbolizes Osiris and Regulus(The Heart Of Leo) symbolizes Horus.      Osiris/Horus = Encke/Regulus
      3. The alignment on July 29th, 2001 occurred at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees      from true North. The alignment on September 11th, 2001 occurred at an Azimuth      of 106 Degrees from true North. If you notice, the "tens" and "ones" digits      are transposed between each other in the Azimuths for July 29th and September      11th.
      On the morning of November 13th, 2001, I awoke from my dream at 11:25 AM.      Upon awakening, I immediately turned on my computer and started up the RedShift      3 astronomy program. I discovered that at 11:22 AM, Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus])      at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes above the Western Horizon at an Azimuth of 260      Degrees.
      Event: Daniel Perez Dreams of Suitcase Nuke Attack On White House       Location: Jackson, Michigan       Date: 11/13/2001       Time: 11:22 AM EST       Alignment: Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus]) at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes at an      Azimuth of 260 Degrees
      The number 28 is an interesting number. In Scottish Rite Masonry, the 28th      Degree is known as the "King of the Sun" Degree. During certain times in      Ancient Egyptian Mythology, Horus(symbolized by Constellation Leo) has been      associated with the Sun and became the King of Egypt after the death of his      father Osiris. A suitcase nuke would briefly make a miniature "sun" and would      negatively connect with this symbolism.
      Speaking of negativity; at the time I had this dream there was a bad celestial      alignment in Washington D.C. that doesn't bode well for the city.
      Event: Daniel Perez Dreams of Suitcase Nuke Attack On White House       Location: Washington D.C.       Date: 11/13/2001       Time: 11:22 AM EST       Alignment: Sirius at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes below the Western Horizon.
      In the Ancient Egyptian Cosmology, the star Sirius is the most important      star because it's symbolic of Isis, the mother of Egypt's savior, Horus,      and the wife of Osiris. The Western horizon represented "death" to the ancient      Egyptians and when someone died, like Osiris for example, it was said that      they "went West". The fact that the most important star, normally used for      good by the Freemasons in celestial alignments, is 33 Degrees BELOW the      Western(death) horizon during my "suitcase nuke attack" dream means that      Washington D.C. will "go west" like Osiris.
      Since Comet Encke(Osiris) was linked with the star Regulus(Horus) --      (Osiris/Horus = Encke/Regulus) -- with my World Trade Center dream and the      actual event, then the same might be true here in reverse. Since the star      Regulus was linked to my dream this time, it would mean that the position      of Comet Encke over Jackson, Michigan would be linked to the timing of the      suitcase nuke attack on the White House. This alignment would also have to      be at an Azimuth of 206 Degrees from true North. As you saw before with      transposed numbers;
      July 29th --> September 11th       The Azimuth of 160 Degrees with the ones and tens digits transposed yields      an Azimuth of 106 Degrees.
      November 13th --> ?       The Azimuth of 260 Degrees with the ones and tens digits transposed yields      an Azimuth of 206 Degrees.
      I did a lot of searching with RedShift for any alignment of Comet Encke at      28 Degrees 28 Minutes at an Azimuth of 206 Degrees over Jackson, Michigan      and found only one alignment that would fit;
      Event: Suitcase Nuke Attack On the White House       Location: Jackson, Michigan       Date: 12/07/2001       Time: 6:39 PM EST       Alignment: Comet Encke at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes at an Azimuth of 206      Degrees.
      The red flag date for this attack is;
      DECEMBER 7TH, 2001
      the 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Since this is an anniversary date for      Pearl Harbor, it would be a ideal time for Osama Bin Laden to hit America      with a nuclear attack.
      From a hyperdimensional point of view, the day and anniversary year are very      interesting;
      7 = number of symmetry spins on a tetrahedron.       60 = the angle within each of the corners of an equilateral triangle face      on a tetrahedron
      Of course when this attack occurs, there would have to be a celestial alignment      in Washington D.C. related to the symbolism of "Encke/Enki/Osiris" at the      time of the attack. Lo and behold, there is one;
      Event: Suitcase Nuke Attack on the White House       Location: Washington, D.C.       Date: 12/07/2001       Time: 6:39 PM EST       Alignment: Alnilam(Second Belt Star of Orion/Osiris) dead on the Eastern      Horizon.
      First the time of the attack is very interesting;
      6:39 can be broken up into two very symbolic parts;
      The number "6" symbolizes the six points on a 2-dimensional version of a      double-tetrahedron, the hexagram. The hexagram symbolically correlates with      the ancient Egyptian fertility
symbol that symbolized the "joining      of Osiris and Isis to procreate Horus", the "Merkaba". The Ancient Egyptian      "Merkaba" was the source for the symbol used by the Israeli descendants of      the Hebrews who escaped Egypt, The Star of David. The Knights Templar, who      guarded the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from the Assassins during the Crusades,      who were driven out of Europe during the Middle Ages and who reemerged in      Scotland as the Freemasons in the 1700's, used the Star of David as a model      for the Square and Compass symbol of Freemasonry. The main headquarters of      Freemasonry in the United States is in Washington D.C., a city engineered      and founded by the Masons. Washington D.C. has Masonic symbolism embedded      into street patterns and Ancient Egyptian symbolism represented by a large      obelisk shaped monument that's symbolic of Osiris; the Washington Monument.      In shorthand, you have the following;
      6 = hexagram = Merkaba = Star of David = Square & Compass = Freemasonry      = Washington D.C.
      The number "39" symbolizes the latitude where the Northern point of the District      of Columbia touches on a map; 39 Degrees North. In shorthand;
      39 = 39 Degrees North Latitude = Washington D.C.
      39 also symbolizes the total distance between the Hyperdimensional latitudes      of 19.5 Degrees North and 19.5 Degrees South when a double tetrahedron is      placed inside of a sphere.
      39 = 19.5 * 2 = 19.5° North + 19.5° South = double-tetrahedron
      A double tetrahedron consists of 14 Symmetry spins with 7 symmetry spins      for each tetrahedron. Therefore in shorthand;
      Double-tetrahedron = 14 Symmetry spins = 7&7 = Two 7's = 77
      77 is symbolic of 77 Degrees West, the Longitude on which Washington D.C.      is located.
      The 14 symmetry spins of a double-tetrahedron are also symbolic of the 14      recoverable pieces of Osiris gathered together by Isis after he was murdered      and dismembered by Seth. In shorthand;
      77 = Two 7's = 7&7 = 14 Symmetry spins of a double-tetrahedron = 14 Found      Pieces Of Osiris
      This means that the latitude and longitude of Washington D.C. is symbolic      of Isis, Osiris and their son Horus.
      The fact that Orion(Osiris) is centered on the Eastern Horizon at the time      of the attack correlates with the geographic location of Washington D.C.      but we have to look once again at Ancient Egyptian mythology and it's usage      by Osama Bin Laden to comprehend what this celestial alignment means.      
      In Ancient Egypt, any Pharaoh who dies symbolically becomes an Osiris while      a new Pharaoh symbolically becomes a Horus. This ancient symbolic tradition      was preserved throughout history by the Knights Templars/Freemasons who founded      the United States in 1776 as a "new Atlantis". When a President of the United      States leaves office either by loss of election, term limit, sickness,      resignation or death, he symbolically becomes an Osiris. Any new incoming      President symbolically becomes a Horus.
      When these celestial alignments are positively used by the Law of One/Knights      Templar/Freemason faction, Orion rising through the Eastern Horizon means      the resurrection of Osiris from death to life and is a very good sign. When      these alignments are negatively used by the Sons of Belial/Nazi/Assassins      faction, Orion rising through the Eastern Horizon means the transcendence      of Osiris from life to death and can be turned into a very bad sign.
      Assuming that the "suitcase nuke attack on the White House" does take place,      George W. Bush would physically and symbolically become an "Osiris" because      of Assassin member Osama Bin Laden's negative usage of these celestial      alignments. Dick Cheney would symbolically become a "Horus" to carry on the      work of "Osiris" by becoming the 44th President of the United States to avenge      the death of "Osiris".
      If you need further proof, then look at the number "44". "44" is symbolic      of two tetrahedrons that make up a double-tetrahedron. Each tetrahedron has      4 apexes(points) and the two of them add up to a total of 8 apexes on a      double-tetrahedron. As seen earlier in this writing the 3-dimensional      double-tetrahedron is symbolically linked to the 2-dimensional ancient Egyptian      "Merkaba" which symbolizes the" joining of Osiris and Isis to procreate Horus".      In shorthand;
      44 = 4+4 = 8 apexes on a double-tetrahedron = double-tetrahedron = Merkaba      = Osiris + Isis = Horus
      In conclusion;
      If this premonition comes true, George W. Bush will become an "Osiris" while      Dick Cheney becomes a "Horus" on DECEMBER 7TH, 2001 and it's very likely      martial law would be declared in the United States in an overreaction to      this attack and all of our Constitutional freedoms would disappear in a mushroom      cloud. My premonition dream and symbolic analysis is being posted in hopes      of preventing this catastrophe from happening and change the course of      history.
      To make sure this posting has a chance of preventing the "suitcase nuke attack",      it is being posted at the following time with celestial alignments both in      Jackson, Michigan and Washington D.C.;
      Event: Daniel Perez posts his premonition dream on's Dream      Board       Location: Jackson, Michigan       Date: 11/14/2001       Time: 10:30 PM EST       Alignment: Alnilam(middle belt star of Orion) at 19 Degrees 28 Minutes(19.47      Degrees) above the Eastern Horizon, Sirius at 3.333 Degrees below the Eastern      Horizon and Rising.
      Event: Daniel Perez posts his premonition dream on's Dream      Board       Location: Washington, D.C.       Date: 11/14/2001       Time: 10:30 PM EST       Alignment: Sirius at 3.333 Degrees above the Eastern Horizon and Rising,      Mintaka(third belt star of Orion) begins passing through 28 Degrees(King      of The Sun) above the Eastern Horizon.
      Hopefully the timing of this post will prevent this catastrope, especially      in light of this recent news article;
      Bin Laden's Nuclear Secrets Found,,2001390014-2001395995,00.html
11-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a building where I was trying to get a      project done, but I couldn't get all the parts I needed. I wanted to do a      sewing project with hearts, but they had the template for the heart which      I could draw around and create the heart myself.      

They had two small antennae or communication devices there. They were      going to wire them up for me.       

Then, the two antennae/communication devices fell out of the dream picture      into a black and white screen below it. One antennae became a set of buildings      outlined. The other antenna became a couple buildings, a mosque and an airport      outlined. Between the two buildings were 7 objects. Then appeared a small      man on the left picture where the 1st set of buildings were located. a caption      appeared above the man's head that said, "Looks like germ warfare to      me."       

by Dee Finney

Date: 12/11/2001 5:52:23 AM Pacific Standard Time       From:       Subject: Earth Changes       Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 14:47:39 -0600       From: "Janis Gilbreath" <>
      Dearest Friends,
      Several months ago I posted the following message on the Phoenix list. I      am reposting it here with additional material at the end of the original.      This new material was given to me a little over a week ago, but have been      working too many hours to try to post it coherently, but believe me, I have      been reminded daily to do so.
      This is a compilation of things which have been shown to me over a period      of 33 years regarding the earth changes.       Janis
Early in 1967 I became aware of the prophecies of the pole shift and earth      changes which were said to occur between that time and the year 2012. What      I saw in a vision was the earth tilting approximately 30 degrees with Alaska      being in the center of the southward dip.
As the crust of the earth slipped, winds of horrendous velocity began      circling the earth, picking up waters as they went and both circling the      earth, wiping out everything in their path. These winds maintained their      high velocity for three days and nights before beginning to die down. As      they began to subside, the waters dropped back towards land creating huge      floods until they finally settled into their new resting places. The violence      of the shift had produced the rise of new mountain ranges, the submergance      of some lands and the rising of other lands. Volcanos had erupted spewing      ash and rock into the atmosphere, but most had been contained by the swirling      waters and the face of the earth looked like a scene from hell. Gone were      the trees, the grasses, the buildings. The atmosphere had been depleted and      radiation from the sun poured down upon the earth poisoning and mutating      everything. There were no animals, no birds, no fish or mamals -not even      any bugs. There was no sound. To all appearances the earth was no longer      habitable. I was so terribly sad and I prayed this would truly never      happen. For 20+ years this vision never changed. Then, in the early 90's a second,      or alternate scenario began to form. In this vision, which finally solidified      about a year ago, it was not the earth's crust which slipped, but it was      the earth's core which shifted. I asked what the difference was and was told:      "The changes in the poles will still occur. There will be earthquakes and      volcanic eruptions. Some areas, especially where oil has been pumped out      and nothing been put back to replace it, will sink, while in other places,      the venting of lava will make changes. As the ice melts from what are now      the poles, waters will rise and take coastal lands. Ice will form at new      pole locations dictated by climatic conditions. Winds and weather patterns      will change and be very unstable for awhile, until they eventually establish      their new patterns. As earthquakes occur and volcanic eruptions place layer      after layer of ash in the air, it will become harder to breath and many areas      will face what you call a prolonged nuclear winter. It will be difficult      to grow crops until the prevailing winds can dissipate the ash cover. The      magnetic pull of the moon will create higher tides and more chaotic weather      for awhile. Life will be difficult, but not impossible, and a new sun will      appear to aid our current sun in giving light and sustenance to the earth.      Cooperation and sharing will be the key to survival. There will be much      destruction, but life will not be destroyed."
      Both of these scenarios appeared side by side for a long time. Then, just      recently, I was given a third scenario.

In this vision, there are four earths superimposed upon one another. Each      appears to be in a different dimension. The earth of the third dimension      suffers the fate of the first vision and those who still lived in a third      dimensional mind-set, suffer the fate of that world, but those souls reincarnate      on the second earth, a combination 3rd-4th dimension where they can continue      to learn third dimensional lessons, but must do so from the very basics -      no creature comforts, but having to re-establish lifestyles and all the      amenities. They will have to contend with the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions      and inclement weather as described in the second vision. I would assume this      would be a teaching/learning world.
      Many souls who are aware of the growth possibilities, and able to step up      their vibrations to a higher level, are ready to assume the lessons and rewards      of a far more spiritual world, will ascend to the third earth, a 5th dimensional      world filled with the abilities and possibilities of the higher dimensions      of life. Although some earth       changes would occur on this world, it would be nothing like the severity      of the others and would be a teaching/learning tool.
The fourth earth would be of a much higher vibrational level, and would      be for those wonderful souls who have stayed around for so long to help bring      as many as possible to ascension status.
      All this would be on earth, with each dimension separated by a veil. If I      have my choice, I would opt for this third scenario, but since I now see      all three alternatives in the same vision, I do not know (1) if any one of      the three are pre-destined to the point of not being able to change; (2)      if we have a choice in the matter; (3) how one would go about activating      their choice; (4) are these visions valid? (5) who will make the choice?
      NEW MATERIAL - 11/26/01
      Time is getting closer for earth changes to begin esculating. We are aware      you have made your choice of where you will be. But now, let us look at each      option one at a time.
The original vision of a greatly changed earth is still a valid one, but      that descriptive earth, due to the maijor destruction will remain in the      Third Dimension, or possibly drop a notch. It certainly will be minimally      habitable for many thousands of years. The destruction we have described      before will not be conducive to human life existence for thousands of years      as it cleanses and rebuilds itself. Radiation will kill off nearly everything.      But this is the earth that the lowest spiritual element of your world will      be left on. Those whose agendas it is to deprive the majority of life and      those things which sustain life; that are consumed by greed and power, will      inherit the destructive forces which will afflict earth on this vibratory      level. I don't believe there are any of us on this list who will be left      to inhabit this earth. The second earth, which will be subjected to many of the earthquakes,      tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, winds, etc. appears to be the earth      most on this list subscribe to. An earth, that while destructive forces will      be severe, they will be survivable and that choice is not a bad one if one      is young and strong (for it will take great strength, physically and morally,      to rebuild from the disasters which will occur. And many areas will no longer      be above water, while other areas will arise which will not be habital for      some years. The properties of water will change and a second sun will come      into existence. There will be more light and the length of days will change.      Many will not survive the changes, and for those who do, they will have to      conform to a new, spiritually sound, agenda which will brook no greed,      corruption, etc.; where oil will not be the energy source of choice; where      cooperation will be tantamount to survival; where government WILL be by the      people. Life will not be easy for many, many years on this earth, but the      vibrational level will be much higher than now. This, in itself, will eliminate      many of the disruptive element, as they will not be able to survive the higher      vibrations. This will be a 4th to 5th dimensional earth. The third earth, which will see minimal disruption in its physical appearance      but will be of a much higher vibrational level. On this earth, manifestation      of things needed will be the norm. A spiritual evolvement, as well as the      greater vibrational shift will be involved here. This will be the earth which      can truly be called the Ascended world. It is one of great spirituality and      will be governed completely by Creator's Law and not man's law. There will      be no lying as thoughts will clearly be seen by everyone. This is the earth      of Love, from which travel to other worlds will be possible, where to envision      something is to bring it into manifestation; where everything is for the      benefit of all. This is the earth which each person must choose for themselves.      You cannot simply take the family along for the ride. If a soul is not ready      for this earth they will not be allowed there. It was stressed to me that      those ascending to this level must make their own decision to do so, but      once that decision was made, it would be easily done.
I was told that the reason many people would stay on the second earth      level was because they could/would not release their physical attachments      to others. For this reason alone, there will be many who are ready for 7th      and 8th vibrational status, but will choose to remain on the 5th level. The final level I was shown was a very sparsely populated earth which      was reserved for the wonderful Beings who were ready for Ascension the last      time (26,000 years ago), but agreed to stay and help mankind reestablish      the world and help uplift humanity. These very Spiritual beings will have      access to far greater vibratory levels and more knowledge than we can imagine.      I was shown very little of this world, only allowed a brief glimpse of a      world so light and bright it hurt the eyes to look.
For current happenings - look for only the changes which will occur in      the vibratory world in which YOU intend to move to. If it is the second world,      continue your search for communities which share your ideals and way of living.      Begin to integrate and share with others, educating them to the coming changes.      And most of all, talk to, and educate your children. They will be the real      inheritors of that world. If you aspire to the third world, stop looking for earth changes to occur.      Project a peaceful earth, gently cleansed, one in which cooperation is a      way of life, and begin trying to manifest the things you need, to get used      to doing it. For every disturbing "war" message you see, cancel it and replace      it with peace and love. Learn to co-exist with everyone, even if you think      you "can't stand them," and you'll soon see a great difference in them and      in you. We can have anything we desire "if" it is for our highest and best      good. Which earth we live on will be our own choice. And remember, not making      a choice is, in reality, a choice in itself.
      Blessings and Love,       Janis
12-28-01 - by anonymous - Had one of my sleepless in seattle nights      again. About 0145 last night a misty portal? opened in my inner vision and      a pale horse came storming toward me on my r side and kept going. It was      riderless, foaming at the mouth and nose with reddish eyes. It made me wonder      if the 4th seal started to initiate a few days early.

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