Mois de CONCEPTION de platine or SHAMBHALA AGE Kathara

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10-2013 MONTH OF CONCEPTION OF PLATINUM GOLDEN SHAMBHALA AGE Kathara on said, "This is the time of the Sacred Act of Divine Cosmic ...Sacred Union or Its Conscious Awareness of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in perfect balance within. 10-4-2013 was the initial point of Multidimensional Conception. We are moving into the Conscious Creation of the Conception of Multi-dimensional Reality into our daily Consciousness. "The main Frequency for the month of October is the Multi-dimensional number of 111. Instead of working within the Frequency bandwidth of a single digit number relating to our individual self, or a repeated double digit Master Number frequency related to the Group Collective Conscious Mind, we are working within a repeated triple digit number frequency related to the Multi-dimensional Realms. "We are truly starting to open to the knowledge and remembrance of our Multi-dimensional Self. Very soon this will begin to transpire in a very real way on an Individual level, as well as on a Collective level. "The I AM Keyword phrase for 111 is, 'I Am Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion.' This is the frequency where initial Conception of the Reality of Multi-dimensionality takes place. This means this month of October we are working on the Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms that will eventually become commonly held knowledge within our Collective Consciousness' Present Projected Time Frame Reality. "The I AM Keyword phrases for the Sub-frequencies of 11 and 22 are: 11 – I AM Truth Illumined Through Spiritual Revelation 22 – I AM Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure "You can see here is the support needed to first see and then understand the fuller Knowledge and Truth of who we Are, why we are here and where we are going, Individually and Collectively (11); then secondly, to begin the actual process of Building our Projected Time Frame Reality upon this Knowledge and Truth (22). "The I AM Keyword phrases for the Minor Frequency Influences of 4 and 8 for the month of October are: 4 – I Am Form and Service 8 – I Am Secure Physical Reality "These frequencies are showing us that through our Conscious Participation as the individuals we Are, (4) adding our part to this work of the Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms into our Projected Time Frame Reality we are assisting in bringing into manifest form a Secure Physical Reality, (8) not only for our self, but for all of the Collective Consciousness. "Major Frequency configurations in 10-2013: "The 8-11 Frequency combination: There are 4 days in 10-2013 with this frequency combination. They are 1, 10, 19 and 28. The month starts with this combination. All of these numbers add to a 1. The 1 Frequency is about the Individual. "What this is showing us is that we have a base frequency through this month reminding us in our Individual work on Self to be ever-vigilant at remembering on a continuous basis that what mainstream society accepts as 'Reality' is an Illusion. We are being given assistance all through the month to more fully Awaken to an expanded view, perspective and understanding of what our physical reality really is, and that it encompasses much more than we currently perceive and understand. "10-19-2013 not only vibrates to this 8-11 Frequency, it also emits a strong 11:11 Frequency; The New Mayan Calendar Round encoded 'Wake Up Call.' On this day the 11:11 Frequencies will be at their highest all month. This is an initial exposure to, and taste of, the Frequencies that will be at work in the month of November 2013; 'The Month of Awakening.' Remember: I AM not a Physical Being on a Spiritual Path, I AM a Spiritual Being on a Physical Path. This frequency combination is showing us that it is very important we see and remember that what we view and think of as 'reality' is, in fact, an Illusion. This knowledge is vital to keep at the forefront of our daily consciousness if we are to Consciously Create and maintain the change we're implementing into our individual everyday lives, as well as the positive change on a Planetary scale and that even includes to Conscious Creation of Multidimensional Shambhala Communities. "If we desire to Change the World for the better, we MUST continuously remember and be aware of the fact that our Collective Consciously agreed upon reality IS an Illusion WE Consciously Create and project in every moment, yet don't get 'caught' in remaining as Pure Awareness, ever untouched by even our 'Divine' Multidimensional Creations. "Next we have the Frequency combination days of 4-66-666 in a Triangulation configuration. The I AM Keyword phrases for 4, 66 and 666 are: 4 – I AM Form and Service 66 – I AM the Divine Feminine Inspired Planetary Healer 666 – I AM Multi-dimensional Form Held in Diving Love and Spiritual Perfection "These Frequency combination days are 6, 15 and 24. All these numbers add to a 6. This shows us it is time we take on our Responsibility Individually and Collectively, in first healing our self, and then taking on more of the Responsibility of our Divine Sacred Contractual work in order to assist in healing our Planet and Co-Creating our Collective Future. "This Frequency combination has been set up as a support structure for the main work of this month, which is the Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms into our Reality through the Sacred Act of Divine Cosmic Sex Union that is the result of the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. "The next major and main Frequency combination configuration is that of 11-111. The days this month with this combination are 4, 11, 29 and 31. These days are the four points of the Foundation of this month's work of Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms into our Collectively Agreed upon (Future) Projected Time Frame Reality. "So 10-4-2013 was the initial point of Conception, day of the New Moon; a time traditionally associated with New Beginnings; a time most auspicious for starting down new avenues and beginning new projects. "10-4-2013 was the point where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine made initial contact in balanced form and Conception of our eventual move, 'Shift,' into the Multi-dimensional Realms of Reality that will one day become a part of our Collectively Agreed upon Present Projected Time Frame Reality occurs. You can liken this to the point in physical conception when the sperm breaks through the wall of the egg and the initial igniting, or spark, of creation of new life begins. "2, 13 and 31 days of October give us our first taste of The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round as an Expanded Group Collective Conscious Mind and a glimmer of what December 2013 holds in store. "10-22-2013 holds some fairly strong energies and 10-25-2013 holds a 5-77 Frequency combination, which will bring in a small preview of the energy of Adventurous Change into in how we Communicate with Spirit, which will begin to play a large part in our Present Projected Time Frame Reality in 2014. "The Multi-dimensional Portal Opening of 9-9 through 9-12, 2013 gave us opportunity to step into the Vortex center of that Peace Portal and to do work within its Energy. The work done There was done as us being part of a Multi-dimensional Group Collective Conscious Mind that was set up to make a determination as to which of an infinite number of possible Futures held the most Positive Probable Outcome for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity to create a Future of Peace and Equality for Earth-based on Spiritual Knowledge and Full Remembrance of who we truly are and why we are here existing in this Present Projected Time Frame Reality as Spiritual Beings in Physical Form. "October 2013's work of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in Balanced form making Initial Contact for the purpose of the Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms, eventually manifesting into our Expanded (Future) Reality is the first step in implementing what was brought back from within the Multi-dimensional Portal of 9-2013. "This work is taking place in the 7D Frequency Realm Reality of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round. "With the 'Shift' of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia out of the closed boundaries of the 4D that occurred with the end of the Old Mayan Calendar Round Frequency Reality on and around the 12-21-2012 date, into the New Mayan Calendar Round Frequency Reality, the Combined Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia now exists fully within the 5D. "WE now exist upon what has become known as 'New Earth.' Not exactly how you had it pictured?! That's okay. Things don't always happen the way we imagine them to. That is, not within Frequency Bandwidths of lower vibrations. Just know that as we come together into a more cohesive ONE we will get better and faster at Consciously Creating our Collectively Agreed upon Present Projected Time Frame Reality. "Conception can only occur when there is a Balance of Energy between the Feminine and Masculine Frequencies. We are also aware that right now on our Planet these two 'Twin Flame' Frequencies are still not in Balanced Form. October 2013’s work for us is to: 1. Do our Individual work on Self, bringing our energy and Frequencies into a Balanced and Centered state of being and holding it there as continuously as possible. 2. Do the work on our personal relationships, bringing their energy into a Balanced and Centered state of being, and once again, holding it there as continuously as possible. 3. take on our part of the Responsibility, Individually and Collectively, in bringing this work to fruition. By this work I mean holding the Frequency so the Initial Conception takes place. "Your personal relationships with others will be most affected, most especially your life partner relationships that are of a romantic and sexual in nature. As Above or Within, so below or without. "It is all about the Sacred Act of Divine Cosmic Sex and the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. How could that not translate into issues within our Sexual Life Partner Relationships being brought to the surface and placed before us to look at and heal? "Other types of relationships will also be affected in this manner, but none so much as those with, and including our desire to find, Life Partners. 10-2013 SACRED GEOMETRIC GRIDS "The first chart is that of the Frequencies going into the month. This form shows the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine frequency energies still in their current unbalanced state. "This second chart, pictured here, is that of the Frequencies as the month comes to a close. This is what all of our work in 10-2013 will accomplish. This form shows the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine frequency energies in their balanced state, which will allow for the Conception of the Multi-dimensional Realms to finalize by the end of October 2013. THE INDIVIDUAL TWIN FLAME & COLLECTIVE REUNION WITH TWIN FLAMES, NEAR TWINS & SOUL MATES "Remember, we are speaking of 'Reality' as it exists from the 7D when we look at Twin Flames. One thing we are beginning to understand as more and more of us move into existing more fully into the Multi-dimensional realms is that 'truth' is relative to any given dimension and Reality or Pure Awareness God Consciousness is Trans-dimensional. So full truth as it exists within the 4D is not necessarily a full truth in the 5D and 6D, nor is what is a full truth in the 5D and 6D necessarily a full truth in the 7D. Each dimension gives an EXPANDED version of any given truth; but that EXPANDED version of truth only exists and operates in such manner within the dimension in which it is known and belongs to. "What this means is that just because you know a truth and what it means and implies and how it operates within a Higher Frequency Dimension does not negate knowing a truth, and what it means and implies and how it operates in a lower Frequency Dimension from being any less true to that Frequency Dimensional reality. This is one of the first things you have to understand and accept about being Multi-dimensional. "This yearning we often feel within our self to seek out and connect with a 'Twin Flame' has become a somewhat distorted concept as it has been interpreted as we, the Collective Consciousness, has moved into denser vibrational frequency dimensional realities. "As our Collective Consciousness moved deeper and deeper into the lower (denser) vibrational frequency realms we continued to reinterpret this information as best we could within each consecutively denser realm. By doing this we kept alive within us the knowledge that we were more than what we could easily view and understand ourselves to be, yet we lost the fuller understanding of what it really was and meant. "This deep desire and yearning we have is created by emotions of aloneness and being disconnected from something we cannot pinpoint and name, but nevertheless have a knowing exists. These specific emotions and this knowing are a mechanism purposely created and set within our energy matrix to spur us into searching for what it is we know exists that we are to reconnect with. The more expanded truth of the concept of a Twin Flame is that what we are truly seeking to reconnect with is an Aspect of Self we call our Higher Self. "This is the portion of our fuller Self that stayed in the Higher Frequency Bandwidth Realities at the point where we began moving into denser vibrational frequency realms where we knew this information and knowledge would become distorted and eventually almost completely lost, except to the few Spiritual Masters whose Sacred Contractual Work it was, and is, to maintain some conscious connection to this information. "Our Higher Self exists within the vibrational frequency bandwidth dimensions that still see, understand and know the fuller truth of this 'Reality' we are in from a much expanded overview perspective. "At the Individual level the Human Aspect of Self we currently exist as is the Masculine Energy Flow Frequency of this 'Twin Flame' we seek to reunite. The Masculine Frequency is the Active/Conscious frequency energy, it has a Solar or God Energy influence. "The Feminine Energy Flow is the Higher Self Aspect of Self currently existing within the Higher Vibrational Frequency Dimensional Reality from which we began our descent into the denser frequency realms. The Feminine Frequency is the Passive/Subconscious frequency energy and has a Lunar or Goddess Energy influence. "Why is the yearning/desire to connect with another Soul in human form as a 'Twin Flame' so strong? We are all a part of ONE Collective Consciousness and we mirror/reflect for one another what we seek. Subconsciously or superconsciously we can see in other humans the energy of the Higher Self. Finding a Soul in any lifetime that can reflect this so strongly to you through the human form is a true Gift, and in the denser vibrational frequency realm realities is in many ways a physical Twin Flame, but they are not your Higher Self 'Twin Flame' aspect of Self.  THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS TWIN FLAME "Just as we as the individual Soul has a Twin Flame Higher Self we desire to reconnect with, so too does the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The 'Twin Flame' the Collective Consciousness wishes to reconnect with is Our Multi-dimensional Self. "Just as we as the Individual feels and perceives itself to be alone and disconnected, always seeking what will fulfill itself to a greater state of Wholeness, so too does the Collective Consciousness of which we all are a single part of, experience this. "At this level the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is the Masculine/Active/Conscious Energy Flow Frequency of this 'Twin Flame' seeking to reunite with the Multi-dimensional Aspect of Self, which is the Feminine/Passive/Subconscious Energy Flow Frequency. "The Feminine Frequencies (Passive/Subconscious) of both these 'Twin Flame' Aspects of Self do the work of keeping a tethering line of subtle subconscious communication between their self and their Masculine (Active/Conscious) Frequency counterpart. That is the work of the Feminine, to hold form and subtly, without force, constantly be receptive to the Masculine Frequency’s actions. In contrast, it is the work of the Masculine Frequency to move in Action creating form, ever seeking and flowing in constant movement and expansion. "The first step in creating a stronger and clearer communications link with is to make a connection with and activate the etheric subtle Galactic Light Body. In the next few days I will be sharing more information on the work of October 2013 and how it applies to us in this here and now. Blessings from All Realms of Creation."
10-2013 Mois de CONCEPTION de platine or SHAMBHALA   AGE     Kathara sur                                                                                                                   a dit, "c'est le moment de l'acte sacré de l'Union sacrée cosmique Divine ou sa prise de conscience du divin féminin et le divin masculin en parfait équilibre intérieur. 04/10/2013 a été le point initial de la Conception multidimensionnelle. Nous nous dirigeons dans la création consciente de la Conception de la réalité Multi-dimensional dans notre conscience quotidienne. »La fréquence principale pour le mois d'octobre est le nombre multi-dimensionnelle de 111. Au lieu de travailler au sein de la bande passante d'un nombre à un chiffre concernant notre moi individuel, ou un chiffre répété double fréquence maître nombre associé à la conscience Collective du groupe, nous travaillons dans une fréquence nombre chiffre triple répétées liée aux royaumes Multi-dimensional. »Nous commençons vraiment à ouvrir à la connaissance et le souvenir de notre soi multidirectionnelle. Très vite cela commence à transpirer d'une manière très réelle sur le plan individuel, ainsi que sur un plan collectif. »I AM mot-clé pour 111 est, la phrase « Je suis Multi-dimensional pensé l'énergie mettent en branle. » C'est la fréquence où s'effectue la Conception initiale de la réalité de la multidimensionnalité. Cela veut dire ce mois d'octobre, nous travaillons sur la Conception des royaumes Multi-dimensional qui finit par devenir communément tiendra connaissances au sein de réalité présente projeté laps de temps des notre conscience Collective. »I AM mot-clé phrases pour les fréquences secondaires de 11 et 22 sont : 11 – i AM vérité Illumined par le biais de Revelation22 spirituelle – I AM spirituel Vision Structure bâtiment sacré "vous pouvez voir ici est le soutien nécessaire à voir d'abord et ensuite comprendre la connaissance plus complète et la vérité de qui nous sommes, pourquoi nous sommes ici et où nous allons, individuellement et collectivement (11) ; puis ensuite, pour commencer le processus réel de notre réalité de laps de temps prévu s'appuyant sur ces connaissances et cette vérité (22). "I AM mot-clé phrases pour les Influences mineures de fréquence de 4 et 8 pour le mois d'octobre sont: 4 – I Am forme et Service8 – je suis fixer la réalité physique "ces fréquences nous montrent qu'à travers notre Participation consciente des individus que nous sommes, (4), ajout de notre part à ce travail de la Conception des royaumes Multi-dimensional dans notre réalité de laps de temps prévu nous aidons dans la mise en forme de manifeste une réalité physique Secure(8) non seulement pour nous-mêmes, mais pour l'ensemble de la conscience Collective. »Principales configurations de fréquence 10-2013: « la combinaison de fréquence de 8 à 11 : 10-2013 grâce à la combinaison de fréquence, il y a 4 jours. Ils sont 1, 10, 19 et 28. Le mois commence avec cette combinaison. Tous ces nombres s'ajoute un 1. La fréquence de 1 est sur l'individu. »Ce qu'il nous montre, c'est que nous avons une fréquence de base par le biais de ce mois pour rappeler à que nous dans notre individu travail sur soi à être vigilants à se rappeler en permanence que ce que la société accepte comme « Réalité » est une Illusion. On nous en donne assistance tout au long du mois de plus éveiller pleinement à un affichage développé, la perspective et la compréhension de ce qu'est réellement notre réalité physique, et qu'elle englobe beaucoup plus que nous avons actuellement percevoir et comprendre. »19/10/2013 non seulement vibre à cette fréquence de 8-11, il émet également une forte 11:11 fréquence ; Le nouveau calendrier maya rondes codé « Wake Up Call. » En ce jour du 11:11 fréquences seront à leur plus haut niveau tous les mois. C'est une exposition initiale à et le goût de, les fréquences qui seront à l'oeuvre dans le mois de novembre 2013 ; « Le mois de l'éveil ». N'oubliez pas : J'ai Ne suis pas un être physique sur un chemin spirituel, je suis un être spirituel sur une combinaison de fréquence physique Path.This nous montre qu'il est très important de nous voir et n'oubliez pas que ce qui nous Découvre et considérer comme « réalité » est, en fait, une Illusion. Cette connaissance est vitale pour maintenir à l'avant-garde de notre conscience quotidienne, si nous sommes consciemment créer et maintenir le changement, nous sommes en œuvre dans nos vies quotidiennes individuelles, ainsi que le changement positif à l'échelle planétaire et qui inclut même de création consciente des communautés de Shambhala multidimensionnel. »Si nous voulons changer le monde pour le mieux, nous devons continuellement se rappeler et être conscient du fait que notre collectif consciemment accepté réalité est une Illusion nous consciemment créer et projet à chaque instant, encore ne 'attraper' en restant comme la conscience Pure, jamais épargnée par même nos créations multidimensionnelles 'Divine'. »Ensuite, nous avons les jours de combinaison de fréquence de 4-66-666 dans une configuration de Triangulation. I AM mot-clé phrases pour 4, 66 et 666 sont: 4 – I AM forme et Service66 – je suis le Healer666 planétaire Divine inspiration féminine – je suis multidimensionnelle forme Held, amoureux de plongée et de Perfection spirituelle "ces jours de combinaison de fréquence sont 6, 15 et 24. Tous ces chiffres s'ajoute un 6. Cela nous montre qu'il est temps que nous prenons sur notre responsabilité individuellement et collectivement, dans la première

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